Who exactly are the Divas who spend their days dishing on life, social media and top-of-mind topics? Without further ado, here is who is responsible for the content on this site.

Writer Robbi Hess

Robbi HessAward-winning author, social media manager, time- and productivity-management coach, blogger, long-letter copywriter,  — oh yeah, and a heck of a pet lover. She works with Larry Kay over at Positively Woof (and with its more than 2 million Facebook followers!), blogs for BlogPaws and is the magazine editor for Women In The Pet Industry Network and is a content manager for her other non-pet-related clients.

The biggest Diva of them all, Henrietta, says, “She gives me the attention I deserve, whenever I ask for it because she’s pretty well-trained.”

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Diva Poodle Henrietta

Henrietta is a miniature parti-poodle and is my “heart dog.” She is spoiled beyond compare, coddled beyond measure and adored to the moon and back. She is a tiny wolverine in Henriettapoodle clothing. What does that mean? You do not want to try and walk past her when she’s chewing on a bone! Let’s leave it at that.

Henrietta is an avid barker, loves riding in the car and adores belly rubs and sleeping underneath the blankets. She loves treats, but honestly I don’t think she even chews them because’s in such a rush to get onto the next treat that just might be lurking.

The Hen, turned ten on September 5, 2016 and celebrated with a low-key affair in which she received new clothes and a new bed. In her words, “That’s all I got?”

In truth, Henrietta was the “dog that started it all,” my launching a full-time writing career and working in the pet industry. She helped me get through the loss of both of my parents, over the course of the past three years, nursed me through my breast cancer ordeal (when the humans in the house weren’t home) and is a barometer for my moods. When she is stressed, I know that my stress levels must be amping up so I take a breather and spend some time petting her — we both benefit.

(Crazy) Calico Lucy

We try not to speak the “crazy” out loud, but anyone who has lived with a calico just knows Lucy1that’s the nature of the beast! When I talk with my vet about something new that Lucy has done or of her deep and abiding love for my gray blanket or her not-of-this-earth noises when someone other than me picks her up, the vet says… “It’s a calico thing.”

Lucy loves to take up the lap space especially if I am trying to read or crochet. She will lurk around the other humans in the house but is zeroed in on my lap. I am typically the sole beneficiary of her tail in my face and her kneading claws in my belly.

She loves to rub her face all over me, snuggle in and talks to me like nobody’s business. One word to her and she is off and chirping. Lucy is snarky to the dogs and to the other cats, but loves me and that’s what matters, right?

Murray The Goldendoodle

Murray was born March 13, 2016, and is the typical younger brother. He is high energy, murray goldendoodleannoys everyone with his over-the-top adorable antics and has nonstop relentless focus when it comes to wanting us to throw the ball.

He has learned not to mess with Henrietta and her food dish or snacks. He loves to ride in a car and sit on the porch at the River House.

His motto: I never met a pillow I didn’t need to rest my head upon.

Icarus aka Ickis The Devon Rex

We didn’t have enough cats in the house so I decided I needed a Devon Rex to complete the family. I have read about and researched these dog-like cats for decades and finally found one to call my own.

Ickis and parkerWith his big bat ears and tiny pixie face, Ickis is loves to sit on your lap and soak up your warmth. He is dogged in his quest to snag food off of your plate. I spend many of my meals with him on the back of my chair, paws on my shoulder, peering over at my plate. I try to correct him and not let him do that, but he is so darn adorable that he gets away with it. Have I mentioned I sometimes “enable” bad behavior?

Ickis is an amazing traveler, making the three hour trip to the River House quietly playing in his carrier with his toys or sleeping. He easily dons his harness and sweaters when he goes outside. Because he doesn’t have much hair, I have been getting him accustomed to wearing sweaters and he has taken to it rather smoothly.ickis-and-murray

He vies for space under the blankets in our bed, alongside Henrietta. Once bedtime hits and he is spooned into my side he doesn’t move until morning.

Ickis is nearly as chatty as Lucy, but is more likely to climb your leg than talk to gain your attention.

Ickis is pictured with the “dad” of the house, Parker. Our Parker has always welcomed every animal happily into the house. He washes everyone and when one of the animals is sick, Parker becomes nursemaid, lying alongside them, washing and snuggling them. Our Parky is close to 14 years old and is known for his “snaggle tooth” that he seems to enjoy rubbing on our hands and necks.