Adding a Devon Rex to the family

Adding A Devon Rex To The Family

When considering adding a Devon Rex to the family, it was not a decision I made lightly.!!!_Real_MonstersConsider, there are many things I do impulsively:

  1. Eat cheesecake
  2. Buy purses
  3. Yell at the television when other humans are in the house

There are many things I don’t do impulsively.

  1. Adding a poodle to the household
  2. Adding a Devon Rex to the household

Adding a Devon Rex to the family

I knew that owning a Devon Rex was not only a financial commitment, but a commitment to a different type of care than I may have been accustomed to with our rescue cats.

Here is what I knew about adding a Devon Rex to the family:

  1. They are devoted to their humans
  2. They don’t like being left home alone
  3. They are food hounds (Ickis begs more than our dogs do!)
  4. They love to sleep under the blankets in bed with their humans
  5. They are frisky and inquisitive
  6. They have long, skinny necks, triangle shaped heads, huge ears
  7. They are “99% personality and 1% cat.”
  8. They are low maintenance (but you should keep their ears clean)
  9. They are not hypoallergenic (however, my sister who is really allergic to cats was not bothered by his fur at all. Go figure

Why did I name him, Ickis, you might be asking. The story is, my daughter and I loved a!!!_Real_MonstersNickelodeon show called, “AAAhhhhh Real Monsters!” and there was a “monster” on there who had a triangle-shaped head, huge ears and a loving personality — it was a perfect fit!

Post 1 of 2: What I know about the Devon Rex since I have lived with one for a month and a half.

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