how to celebrate dog birthda

How To Celebrate A Dog’s Birthday

How To Celebrate A Dog’s Birthday

Murray, our Goldendoodle, turned one on March 13. It’s hard to believe he has lived with us for so many months and that he is one-year-old. Because I have fun with Henrietta on her birthdays and plan to celebrate the birthday of the two Devon Rex kittens in style, it was only natural that Murray would have a birthday party.

I was surprised that Murray let us put party hats and sunglasses on him. We had more fun with the dressing up than he did, but I was happy he indulged my whims! (Maybe he knew if he did there would be special edible birthday treats in store!)murray birthday

We keep things low key because Henrietta isn’t too fond of other dogs, and frankly we don’t really know too many other dogs. I don’t think that Murray minded sharing his special day with Henrietta, though.

Here are some tips and ways in which you can celebrate a dog’s birthday:

  1. Pamper him or her. If they enjoy going to the groomer or if you live in proximity to a dog spa, schedule a day of pampering. When the birthday pup comes home smelling great and looking wonderful, it’s a gift for both of you!
  2. Buy a special gift. Our dogs have a basket full of toys and we pick up new ones regularly, but for Murray’s birthday we bought him a new beefy bone and some new tennis balls — he was thrilled! On Henrietta’s birthday, she gets a special treat and a new outfit.
  3. Indulge your birthday pup with a special meal or a party treat. Both Henrietta and the birthday boy Murray were treated to a lamb and pumpkin dinner mixed with their dry food. Murray’s food was topped with two birthday bones.

Do you celebrate holidays and milestones with your pets? What special ways do you celebrate? New clothes? Special food? Sleeping on the bed? Extra snuggles? I’d love to know how you pamper your pet even more on his or her special day!

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