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The Devon Rex Personality

The Devon Rex Personality

I’ve been a cat lover and pet parent to cats before I even understood the term “pet parent.” We lived on a mini farm when I was growing up and because we had a barn, people felt it was all right to drop off their pregnant cats, kittens and other cast off pets. My parents, God bless their souls, always fed them, vetted them and had them spayed and neutered.

As a child I didn’t realize how much that cost and what a great thing it was that my parents did that. We had the “barn cats” and we had our housecats, dogs, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs and my horse — all at one time during my childhood. Growing up, I always brought home the stray pet. Once I moved out and got my own apartment it was a haven for rescue dogs and mostly rescue cats.

Fast forward to my adult life and my new pets — two Devon Rex kittens. They are not rescues, but I have long wanted a Devon. I did my homework and knew that their personality and their appearance was something I wanted and I was determined to share my life with one. Ends up I have two! Ickis and Oblina, are not siblings, but they are within two months in age of one another so they act like sibs.

The Devon Rex personality

It, for the most part, makes me laugh. The things they do, the things they get into that they shouldn’t and their extreme curiosity make me laugh most of the time. My husband doesn’t find all of their antics quite as adorable as I do.

devon rex personalityHere are some things Ickis and Oblina do that our other cats (and we have three others in the house) have never done:

  1. They feel the kitchen counters are places they belong
  2. Ickis uses the paper towels as his personal blanket
  3. Ickis continually unrolls the toilet paper
  4. Both Devons love running water. They have jumped into the shower several times. They love to drink out of the faucets. Splashing in the water is a favorite pasttime for both of them
  5. They climb the curtains
  6. Ickis plays fetch better than most dogs
  7. They both sleep under the blankets in bed with me
  8. If I say, “Come on Devons” they both come rushing to wherever I happen to be
  9. They are both loving lap sitters
  10. Oblina is extremely talkative
  11. Ickis is learning to “sit”
  12. Ickis loves to ride in the car; Oblina, not so much
  13. They will both try any kind of food the dogs try — fruits, veggies — non-cat foods for sure
  14. Both Devons are so people-oriented. They greet us at the door. When I walk the dogs, they will cry at the door until I come back in

Living with a Devon Rex is never dull. As a matter of fact, neither of them are in the room with me right now and the house is quiet. Have to go see what they are getting into!


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