hen's recovery continues

Dislocated Hip Saga Continues

In case you missed it, Henrietta the Diva Poodle had an accident and her hip was dislocated. You can read about the initial diagnosis here. In week two I detailed how she was faring with her dislocated hip and her restricted movement lifestyle.

Now, today, we had a follow up with our wonderful vet, Dr. Neno and staff at Barre Animal Hospital. While I was waiting for my appointment I spent time catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and that helped keep me calm while I waited for our appointment.

Once in the exam room, Dr. Neno examined Hen and I could tell it wasn’t going well. “That’s not a good look,” I said. Dr. Neno explained that she thought Hen’s hip was dislocated again and wanted to x-ray just so we knew for sure. I paced the exam room while I waited for her to come back — and of course I got on Facebook to tell what was going on while I tried not to cry.

Dislocated Hip Saga Continues


hen's recovery continuesThe verdict: It’s dislocated again. The “cure” there really isn’t one but there are surgical options one of which Dr. Neno will perform and (I may have this wrong) but it involves removing the ball of the hip and then letting scar tissue form. It seems like that will be the least painful option… in the long run.

Right now, Hen is allowed to leave the confinement of her tiny carrier and is allowed to walk around the house — no running and no jumping and no stairs. I probably won’t let her walk all the time because she is in pain, I think. She will go back on her anti inflammatory pain meds and in about three weeks I have to make a decision on surgery.

Because I was so nervous after having heard the word “surgery” again I had to ask Dr. Neno and then Joy, about a half a dozen times, “So, she is allowed to walk around a bit, right?” The at-home care just wasn’t sticking in my worried brain.

Hen and Murray will have to stay separated because together they love to ram around the house from room to room barking their faces off. Murray will now be the lone runner and barker in the house.

Dr. Neno and I were talking about how I feel about Murray after all of this and honestly, even though I KNOW he didn’t do it on purpose (obviously… he’s not evil he is just extremely energetic) BUT it’s hard to see Hen in pain and know her lifestyle is forever altered because of being barreled over. Dr. Neno shared a story with me that helped me put into perspective the situation. The story and thought behind it made perfect, logical sense; it’s the emotional aspect I am struggling with.

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