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How Can I Get My Cat To Like Me?

This post was prompted, in part, by the fact that the Devons do not love the rest of the family as much as they love me. It could be because I am home with them all day. It could be because I indulge their every whim — even when I know I shouldn’t. It could be because I “baby talk” them and they talk back to me.

I don’t really know the reason. We have three other cats in the house. Each of the three has a different level of “love” they show me. Lucy loves me… until she doesn’t, then it’s a bite and off she runs. Parker loves to walk over my lap to get to someone else’s lap. Jessie… well Jessie is an attention whore and loves anyone and everyone.

How Can I Get My Cat To Like Me?

Have you ever wondered how to get your cat to like or love you more? Here are some things I have found that work:

Don’t be afraid of your cats. Okay, I will admit that I approach Lucy with caution as she is more than a little bit of a psycho. Sometimes she loves to be touched, others she will snarl and dash away — if you’re lucky. If you’re not, then you may get scratched. Just as dogs can sense fear, so too can cats.

Know what your cats like. If they like to be petted in long, slow strokes, then do that. If not, then don’t. If they don’t like to be carried, then let them walk. If they come to you and snuggle in your lap, great! If they don’t want to sit on your lap, don’t force it or you will bear the marks. Jackson Galaxy has a great video about how to pet a cat.

Bribery might work. If you’re simply not making any progress with getting your cat to like you, it may be time to break out a treat or two. If your cat exhibits friendly behavior and lets you pet him, offer a tiny snack. While I don’t suggest continually bribing your furry feline into friendship, it may help to break the ice.

Have you ever had a difficult time getting your cat to like you or a family member? What did you do to break the ice?


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