new year's resolutions from cats

New Year’s Resolutions From Cats

The Devons — as I typically call Ickis and Oblina — because they are Devon Rex kitties and because they are always together — and I were having a chat the other day about New Year’s resolutions for cats, how I don’t always stick with mine and the type of resolutions they’d commit to.

New Year’s Resolutions From Cats


new year's resolutions from cats If it feels good, do it. Ickis and Oblina are the king and queen of relaxation, stretching, sitting on my lap and allowing me to pet them. When they want to stop my petting, they either bite me or walk away. They are all about indulgence, up to a point, then they move onto the next thing that feels good.

Live life out loud. These adventurous kitties rarely seem to consider the risk of their next adventure. They do always seem to revel in the reward, though. Oblina is the adventure-cat of the two. She will launch herself from the floor to the skinny bar on the shower or to the top of the refrigerator. Once at the top, she purrs, chirps and paces with a proud look on her face. Ickis is more likely to squeeze into small spaces, open cupboard doors, hide under blankets and get into trouble in lower to the floor spaces. Neither of them consider the consequence nor do they have any fear. They live to the fullest.

Keep your litter box clean. Even someone who works from home can step in poo if he doesn’t watch out. Keeping your litter box clean is the same for entrepreneurs as it is for employees — don’t talk bad about others, don’t dish out poo and watch where you step. You may have a clean litter box, but other may put poo in your path.

cat resolutionsPractice self care. Human self-care may mean taking a walk, eating healthy meals, getting together with friends (in other words, socialize in places other than only online), not texting and driving, meditating and taking time to breath, be in the moment and count your blessings. For a cat it means having an annual check-up with the veterinarian and making certain they get a healthy diet and remain active by having their human play games with them.

Be prepared. You just never know when life is going to through you a curve ball and it’s best to be as prepared as possible. Whether that means having a go-bag ready by the door, or packing essentials for a safe car trip with your pets or having additional food and blankets in the house in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. You probably can’t prepare for every twist and turn in the road of life, but you can take steps to meet emergencies head on.

When you’re setting resolutions for 2018, consider them intentions for better living. If you’re setting intentions, make sure they are ones that resonate with you, that have meaning in your life, that make you happy and that you are happy to follow through with.

If your cats or dogs could share a resolution with you, what would it be?

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