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Show Your Dog Love This Valentine’s Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are my own. How can you show your dog love this Valentine’s Day? #LiquidPlumr

Henrietta, the diva poodle, is always up for a date night or a daytime date. Let’s face it, with me as her pet parent, night time dates are few and far between as I am an early bird not a night owl.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, but with New York firmly entrenched in the chill of winter, Henrietta hasn’t had a grooming for a while, but i still keep her bathed and smelling lovely. She sleeps under the covers with me nightly, and no one wants a “doggy” smelling dog under the blankets, am I right?

She is not a huge fan of getting bathed, but she does love the towel rubdown afterwards. Thankfully she is tiny enough that I can plop her in the kitchen sink to bathe her — it saves my back from an after-bath ache that’s for sure. Enjoy this grooming video by Jess Rona.

How can you show your dog love this Valentine’s Day? #LiquidPlumr

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Here are the ways I show my dog love on Valentine’s Day & year round!

Dress her up. Henrietta loves to wear clothes. I began dressing her the day I brought her home. She has a massive wardrobe that includes “church” dresses, fancy dress harnesses, pajamas, sweaters, raincoats and, of course, pajamas.

Show him love. If your dog is like mine — and every other dog out there! — they want your love and affection. Take time, right now, to give him or her a hug, snuggle or a belly rub. Love in the form of physical affection is what your pets crave so give into the urge to relax and share some couch time!

valentines doggy dateGet up and get moving. Okay, yes I just was just advocating “couch time,” but let’s face it your dog loves the out-of-doors, right? Snap on his harness and a leash and take a hike. Walk around the neighborhood, explore a new place in the woods. Even if you have a tiny dog who isn’t a true outdoors pet, a quick dash around the yard is bound to pep her up and help keep her healthy.

Feed healthy treats. My Henrietta and our Goldendoodle, Murray, love veggies and fruits. They always have. When they have a “successful” outs they get a “poop snack.” They love green beans, carrots, apples and bites of squash. I feel better feeding them fruits and veggies rather than high calorie doggie treats. They do get the occasional doggie treat, but not all of the time.clean a tub

Keep them healthy. Sure, I am writing about your Valentine’s Day date, but hey a healthy pet is a happy pet. Keeping your pet healthy means having regular veterinary visits, keeping their weight in check, feeding them healthy foods, playing with them regularly and doing your part to keep them safe and happy for their entire lifetime.

Thankfully, Henrietta, being a poodle, doesn’t shed but let’s face it she brings in items from “nature” when she is rooting around in the backyard and she does love to roll in the smelliest gunk she can find. I can’t ever “blame” her for a clogged or slow draining shower drain (My husband, daughter and I probably shed more and are more of a culprit of a clogged drain than Henrietta will ever be!) We use Full Clog Destroyer to keep the water flowing freely and we use it monthly. I know that clogs don’t stand a chance with Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer’s thick gel. It powers through tough clogs, prevents new clogs from forming and helps keep the plumbing fresh-smelling. Both products are safe for all septic systems and pipes; use them without worry!

valentine's dateI know that Henrietta’s fur isn’t the culprit for the clogged drains, but I know that using Full Clog Destroyer means that when I am getting ready for date night with the hubby I won’t have to worry about standing in water in the shower! And, if I decide to cook I won’t have to worry that any kitchen grease will clog my sink drain, either! (It was fun trying to wash Henrietta with Ickis chewing on the scrubby and Murray trying to get into the Valentine’s Day prep action!)

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.

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