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How To Throw A Cat Birthday Party

How To Throw A Cat Birthday Party

Oblina turns one-year-old today! She has lived with us for the past three months and has quickly become one of the family. I told my husband that we needed to get another Devon Rex kitten to keep Ickis company. Ickis was the youngest in the house by close to four years and he had never bonded with Lucy (the closest to him in age) and I worried about him not having a friend, especially on those times when they are home alone. Enter Oblina.

Because Ickis is such a joy I knew I wanted to bring another Devon into the house. I am thrilled I did. Oblina and Ickis sleep together, eat together, play together and generally rule the house together.

What I have grown to love about Oblina:

  1. She talks… a LOT
  2. She loves to be held
  3. She loves to sleep under the blankets.
  4. She loves to play and rarely uses teeth or claws
  5. She suckles on my shirt sleeve or collar when she’s with me on the couch
  6. She loves to ride on my shoulder
  7. She greets me at the door
  8. She is full of energy
  9. She stands up to Ickis when he bullies her
  10. She is a tiny, delicate girl
  11. Her facial expression is always one of shock and openness
  12. Her fur is as soft as fleece
  13. She lets me cut her nails
  14. She trails me around and is always with me when I am working in the office

She doesn’t enjoy riding in the car the way Ickis does, but I feel she will get better at it!

How To Throw A Cat Birthday Party

Oblina isn’t one for getting dressed or wearing hats (thank you photoshop)

Here is how we are celebrating her birthday (and the other cats are getting in on the action as well!)

  1. I will buy her a new catnip mouse
  2. She will be treated to catsnip sprinkled on the cat tree
  3. She, and her siblings will have a new, delicious kind of food as a treat for dinner
  4. I will pick up some new cat treats
  5. She will get additional snuggles and hugs
  6. I will sing Happy Birthday (not sure if that is much of a gift, but oh, well!)
  7. We will mark her special day knowing she will be in our loving family for the rest of her birthdays!

Do you celebrate your cat or dog’s birthdays? How do you do it?


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